Life at Chaddesden Park Primary School Life at Chaddesden Park Primary School Life at Chaddesden Park Primary School

Values and Ethos

At Chaddesden Park Primary School we have high expectations of all our pupils encouraging them to do their best regardless of gender, ethnicity, additional needs or beliefs.  Our curriculum is designed to allow pupils to achieve the very best they can whilst at the same time giving them the freedom to develop positive learning behaviours and learn from mistakes.

We as a school promote British values



The rule of Law

Individual liberty


Mutual Respect


These values underpin the curriculum and support the high expectations we set our students.  We instil a sense of belonging to the wider community and to the country in which we live. We prepare our pupils for life and work in modern Britain.

We help our children to see the importance of taking responsibility for themselves, their actions and their learning.  Ultimately this encourages them to become;

Successful Learners     Confident Individuals      Responsible Citizens     


Every Child in our School matters

We want all our children:

  • To leave school being able to make a positive contribution
  • To know how to stay safe
  • To lead healthy lifestyles
  • To enjoy learning and achieve to their full potential.
  • To look to the future and have high aspirations for a good job or a career.

For Pupils: 

What to do if you are worried.

Sometimes things can be tricky and it can make you feel sad, lonely, worried, scared and all sorts of other emotions. This can happen at anyone at any time. We want to help you with any worries you have so please come and talk to us! It’s ok to be worried about things and often the more you talk about a worry the smaller it will get.

What can you do?

You can share your worries with your class teacher. They will talk you through your worries and try to help. If you don’t want to share your worry with your class teacher you can tell another adult in school and they will always do their best to help you.

Kid Smart

Child Line 


All children have the right to work, learn and play happily and safely.

Aims of Chaddesden Park Primary School

The main aims of the school are to make sure that your child is happy, that he or she enjoys coming to school and that their achievements are acknowledged, their efforts rewarded and to provide the highest standards of education.

We aim to develop confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens. We feel this is a sound basis on which to move forward to further stages of education, and for the world beyond school.

Parents/carers and the wider family are a child’s first teachers. At Chaddesden Park Primary school we recognise the individuality of every child and family and hope that we can work together in the years to come to ensure that the children make the best possible progress and enjoy coming to school.

Support and encouragement from home continues to be very important throughout a child’s school career. We aim to work closely with families and the local community. We also work closely with our partner secondary schools to ensure continuity and to make sure that our children continue to achieve their full potential.