Life at Chaddesden Park Primary School Life at Chaddesden Park Primary School Life at Chaddesden Park Primary School

Key Stage 1

We have high standards for behaviour at Chaddesden Park Primary. We teach children the importance of respect and relationships through a programme called “R-time”.

The staff at Chaddesden Park believe in the following Charter of Rights:

Every child has the right;

  • - to feel safe
  • - to expect people to be kind
  • - to be respected by others
  • - to be happy and to enjoy school
  • - to have a positive rapport with teachers and all other members of the staff team
  • - to have friends

We are committed to the Assertive Discipline approach in school. This is applied consistently by all staff. The six rules are very reasonable and are phrased in positive language.

  • 1.   Be polite
  • 2.   Be friendly and helpful
  • 3.   Listen carefully and do as you are asked straight away
  • 4.   Be honest
  • 5.   Look after things in our school
  • 6.  Work hard and quietly

We firmly believe that the children really want to please their teachers and we all reinforce good behaviour and good attitudes to learning by giving each child lots of praise and stamps and stickers to collect on a rainbow reward card which eventually lead to the presentation of a certificate in assembly.


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