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Music Statement

Music is a key element of both the curriculum and general school life at Chaddesden Park Primary School. With weekly singing assemblies in both KS1 and KS2, all children are given the opportunity to enjoy singing and performing as part of a large group.

Whole class ensemble teaching of Recorders in Year 2 gives each child the chance to learn a tuned instrument, begin to read music and to explore the creative opportunities that are available to musicians.

The curriculum across the school has an excellent focus on world music, providing the opportunity for children to appreciate the cultural and regional variations in music and the role that music can play in different societies.

The school choir will hopefully be working towards a number of events to involve the children in the wider school community and to share the enjoyment of group singing with other local school choirs.

Each year group have taken their National Curriculum objectives for Music and made them relevant to their children in order to support their preparation for life in modern Britain. In Year 6, children will be investigating the music of Derbyshire composers, whilst Year 4 will be looking at National Anthems.